Today’s consumers are becoming more health-conscious, seeking to add quality protein to their diet as a healthy source of essential nutrients. As a wholesale food distributor, we work with partners across the food system – from local farmers to the world’s leading brands – to bring our customers the most delicious and sustainable protein products.

Our loyalty to the farmers and processors drives our commitment to fill our orders with the freshest and finest product they can supply.

Our suppliers work with leading animal welfare experts to ensure animals are handled humanely and their well-being is protected. Animals in their care are raised in an environment that satisfies their physical, emotional and nutritional health requirements at the highest standard.

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Beef +

We know that quality beef comes from quality cattle. We partner with family farmers and ranchers to secure the highest quality cattle for USDA-approved beef. The cattle yield a tender, juicy and flavorful product that adds value to any serving and makes a bold statement for the center of the plate entrée.


Seafood +

Our primary shrimp provider uses American “wild caught” shrimp from the Gulf Coast. Once caught, it comes in fresh on a daily basis. We offer “shell on” and several kinds of peeled shrimp. We also offer select choices of whole fish and fish filets, scallops, and more.


Pork +

We are proud to supply our customers with the finest, quality choices of pork products from select suppliers time after time. We offer a wide range of wholesale pork products that are consistent and reliable. Our USDA-approved processing plant produces custom cut, bone-in and boneless pork chops, and other special order items.


Poultry +

Anyway you cut it, our chicken products are the best – all-natural with no hormones or artificial ingredients. From boneless breast and thigh meat, to a full line of Halal products, you’ll be serving your customers the finest poultry products to meet their needs.

Custom Cuts +

Looking for something special? Give us a call and Experience Berghorst. We offer custom cuts of beef, pork and chicken with turn-around time as fast as 24-48 hours. With Berghorst Food Service, each cut is made fresh for you.



Experience tells us that quality beef comes from quality cattle, and we proudly provide the quality products of JBS Beef and Cargill Excel Fresh Meats. Using animal welfare techniques in safe, hygienic environments yields the highest quality product. This is why we work with only the best

JBS Beef’s premium beef products are upheld to the strictest standards for quality, food safety, and animal care. Their facilities are certified by the Global Food Safety Initiative and utilize video monitoring technology to ensure food safety and protect the well-being of the animals.

Excel Fresh Meats from Cargill is a brand that’s not just better – it’s Genuinely Better®. Safe and nutritious, the appetizing, quality beef supplied by this trusted brand is a source of pride at Berghorst.

JBS Beef Cargill Excel

Poultry and Eggs

West Michigan’s own Sunrise Acres is a multi-generational family business known for their fresh, certified humane eggs. A “Michigan first” family farm since 1949, proven Sunrise Acres is is the reason we trust them as our trusted local egg supplier.

For our supplier Culver Duck, the “natural way is the right way.” Through their continual work with experts in genetics, nutrition, and animal welfare, Culver Duck’s process is held to the highest standards.

We offer Mountaire Farm’s line of Blue Label brand boneless and bone-in jumbo chicken products. We are proud to also offer Mountaire’s premium Black Label brand boneless breast and thigh meat, the Noor Al-Jabal full line of Halal products, as well as the Bo San Asian label.

Berghorst is also proud to offer the finest, 100% certified Halal meats from Mountaire Farms Halal Poultry Parts and Mar-Jac Poultry, Inc.

Transparency and quality are vital to Berghorst’s commitment to our customers. Click here to view Mountaire’s certification from the Halal Food Council, U.S.A, and click here to view Mar-Jac’s certification and commitment to Halal certification.

Culver Duck Sunrise Mountaire


GULF PRIDE is our primary shrimp supplier. The product name describes this shrimp perfectly. It is American “wild caught” shrimp from the Gulf coast of America. Once caught, it comes in boats that are iced down and fresh on a daily basis. From the boats, the shrimp is sent to be processed in Gulf Prides domestic processing plant. The have all the proper federal, state and seafood association’s certifications.

Berghorst Foods offers shell on, peeled and un-deveined (PUD) and peeled & deveined shrimp. It is the flagship brand that is the highest quality white and neutral/brown shrimp. It is available in multiple sizes packaged in 5 pound, block frozen boxes.

AQUA STAR supplies our white tiger shrimp. This shrimp is available in multiple sizes packaged in 4 pound-block frozen boxes.

In addition to shrimp, Berghorst Foods offers select choices of whole fish and fish filets, scallops and other similar products.

Logo-Gulf-Pride Logo-AquaStar

Produce and Other Products

Today’s discerning consumers want products that meet high standards for quality and taste. This is why our distribution partners appreciate us – because our standards are as high as theirs. Our produce is brought to you by way of the best growers and suppliers around. Through our partnership with Michigan-based Heeren Brothers, Miedema Produce, and Superior, we provide only the freshest product. From asparagus to zucchini, we provide the very best for every season.

We are committed to quality local produce and we work with Michigan companies to provide the natural, GMO-free goods our customers need and deserve.

Additionally, we are proud to provide a variety of classic and naturally-brewed soy sauces from trusted brand Kikkoman.

Heeran Miedema Superior Kikkoman