What Are
Custom Cuts?

Custom Cuts are offered by Berghorst Farms, the customized steak and ground beef division of Berghorst Food Service. Looking for something special? Give us a call and Experience Berghorst.

When you experience the custom cut products, the commitment of our in-house employees comes through in every cut. Because our meat processors are our employees, and our products are processed here in Michigan, we have a direct connection to each order and are able to customize it to your exact specifications.

Most steaks are not cut until they are ordered -- that means each steak has your name on it. When we cut steaks, we are cutting for you. Custom cuts are not warehoused, processed on an assembly line, or packaged from a conveyor belt. With Berghorst Food Service, each cut is made fresh for you.

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How it Works

You Ring

Looking for something special? We don’t make the cut until you make the call.

We make em’

Our USDA-certified processing plant will hand-cut or grind your custom order of beef and pork.

We bring!

With turnaround times as fast as 24-48 hours, you can be sure what you’re getting is fresh.