A Family 

The dedicated personnel at Berghorst Food Service includes Keith and Robyn Littlepage, who strive to continue the excellent quality service that Fred and Minnie began.

Robyn grew up in the company. She remembers when chickens were processed in the plant behind the house where she grew up. Robyn recalls that each evening when the chickens roosted on the fence, she would be paid a quarter for every chicken she caught. So, using a long stick with a hook, she hooked their feet and brought them to the crates.

Today, Keith and Robyn are proud to lead a team of experienced professionals, dedicated to excellent customer service and providing a quality product. The Berghorst sales team has decades of experience, and knows the nuances of every client’s needs. A multilingual sales team is able to serve clients who prefer to conduct business in their native language.

Outside of the office, the Berghorst warehouse team recognizes that they are the last line of defense against errors. Their motto is “accuracy is more important than speed!” The delivery team also has a reputation for excellence; many team members have decades of experience at Berghorst (and know their customers’ orders by heart).

The Berghorst Food Service team will always be dedicated to delivering a quality product at great prices.

Meet the Team

Keith Littlepage Keith Littlepage Funnny Photo

Keith Littlepage

General Manager
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Robyn Littlepage Robyn Littlepage Funny Photo

Robyn Littlepage

Office Manager
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Gary Martin Gary Martin Funny Photo

Gary Martin

Assistant Manager
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Dale Hulbert Dale Hulbert Funny Photo

Dale Hulbert

Buyer / Safety Director
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Jerry Berghorst Jerry Berghorst Funny Photo

Jerry Berghorst

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Jim Peterson Jim Peterson Funny Photo

Jim Peterson

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Meghan Sandholm Meghan Sandholm Funny Photo

Meghan Sandholm

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Sandy Jewette

Sandy Jewette

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Scott Jewette Scott Jewette Funny Photo

Scott Jewette

Production Manager
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